Flower Mound Town Council voted Nov. 15 to lower all residential speed limits to 25 mph to address safety concerns.

Prior to the vote, many speed limits in residential areas in Flower Mound were posted at 30 mph. Neighborhoods could lower the speed limit to 25 mph or less by collecting petition signatures from at least two-thirds of the residents in that area, according to the town. Residents can now follow the same process to petition to increase the speed limit of a certain area to 30 mph. Town Council would give final approval to any speed limit changes.

In a news release, the town stated this decision came after evaluating traffic safety studies, including one from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that found pedestrians struck by a car traveling 30 mph face a 40% risk of death; that risk drops to 4% when the vehicle's speed is 20 mph.

Town staff is set to replace speed limit signs in neighborhoods over the next 18 months, working from the northeast side of town and moving west, according to the release. The new speed limit will go into effect once an updated sign is in place.