More than 6 million Texas households had responded to the 2020 U.S. census as of May 3, with Denton and Collin counties ranking among the top 10 counties with the highest self-response rate so far, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

As of May 3, Denton County ranked No. 6 among Texas counties for its self-response rate, as 60.4% of Denton County households have filled out the 2020 census so far.

Collin County ranked No. 2 with a self-response rate of 63.1%, while Tarrant County ranked No. 12 with a 58.6% self-response rate.

Only 52.7% of Dallas County households have responded to the census so far, bringing the county’s ranking to No. 30 among other Texas counties.

Responses to the census will help determine where more than $675 billion of federal funds will be allocated toward various fields, including infrastructure and public education.

Residents who have not yet participated in the census can expect to receive reminder postcards from the U.S. Census Bureau through May 9, according to the agency.

Texas receives the third-most federal funds allocated among U.S. states, according to census data. But the state could lose $300 million if its population is undercounted by even 1%, according to the Texas Demographic Center.

Texas came in at No. 39 among other states for self-responses so far, with a 51.2% of household participation statewide.

In addition to participating in the census over the phone or by mail, this is the first year the U.S. Census Bureau is allowing residents to take the survey online. Readers can learn more about how to do that on the bureau’s website.