Years ago, an 11-year-old Luther Bernstein struggled to keep his balance at his first trip to a roller skating rink, he recalled.

But he kept trying, heading down a path that would include competitive skating as well as a stint coaching the sport and, most recently, decades of skating rink ownership.

Bernstein has owned a number of area rinks, he said. Now, the semi-retired Bernstein is focused on his one remaining location in Lewisville: Interskate Roller Rink, which has been open for nearly four decades.

The skating rink shut down for two months near the start of the coronavirus pandemic, during which time it took in essentially no income, Bernstein said.

But business has since picked up, particularly in the months of December and January, Bernstein said.

“People are wanting to recreate and skate,” Bernstein said. “They’re tired of staying home.”

To keep the activity as safe as possible, the business requires visitors to wear masks throughout the building, including while skating, he said.

Still, the virus has affected Bernstein’s business in key areas. Children’s birthday parties, once a staple source of revenue, have all but dried up, he said. Recently the rink has offered skating times just for adults on Thursdays and Sundays. Bernstein also plans to move his Interskate Skate Shop from an adjacent space into the main facility.

In the meantime, Bernstein said he will fight to keep the doors open in this difficult economic climate.

Interskate Roller Rink

1408 S. SH 121 Business, Lewisville