In 2015 sisters Teresa Novak and Christina Hedding stepped out on faith and approached Footlights Dance Studio founder Amy Parsons to inquire about purchasing her studio.

“We both felt it placed on our hearts that maybe we should talk to Amy about buying the studio,” Novak said. “When we approached her [the studio] was not for sale and she said, ‘Let me think about that,’ and within a month we were talking about buying it.”

In January the sisters, who have been teaching at the Flower Mound dance studio for years, officially became the owners.

“When we were thinking about buying it people said, ‘Why don’t you just go out and start your own?,’” Novak said. “Well, it’s not about a dance studio; it’s about this dance studio. It’s the fact that we really try and focus on the student from the inside out—their heart and soul is just as important to us as their dance technique.”

Hedding said the studio, which has been open since 1996, is unique in that it is faith-based and creates a safe environment for children.

“Even if I didn’t own it, and even when I taught here, I used to tell people all the time we are different because I know I can drop my kid off at the front door for the first day of class and not show back up until the recital and be pleased with every single dance I see on stage, every piece of music and every costume,” Hedding said.

The dance studio not only offers children’s classes but adult classes as well.

“We offer classes for people ages 2-99,” Hedding said. “We have a three-generation family that comes here—the grandma, the mom and the little girl takes. We have a lot of moms and daughters that take here.”

The studio, which has been in its current location since 2015 when it moved from Lewisville, offers various dance classes from tap to jazz in six large dance studios equipped with sprung floors.

The studio also features a student lounge area where dancers can do homework.

In addition to offering dance classes, the studio has a competitive dance team that performs in the community and competes in two local competitions as well as an out-of-state competition.

“We just did Lewisville’s Western Days and we will do the Flower Mound Christmas parade, and we perform at all the local high schools’ spring shows,” Novak said.

Whether a child wants to compete or just have fun, Novak encourages him or her to come by Footlights Dance Studio and explore his or her passion.

“I truly believe dance is a like a language of its own,” she said. “It’s about freedom of expression of the enjoyment of dance.”

Footlights Dance Studio
2500 Northshore Blvd., Flower Mound

Monday-Thursday 3-7 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m.-noon