Drivers will be unable to make U-turns at five different locations in Lewisville.

City Council passed an ordinance Feb. 5 that is aimed at providing safety measures for drivers, according to city documents.

What you need to know

The locations are near The Vista mall, a school and two different places on SH Business 121. Four of the five will limit eastbound U-turns:
  • SH Business 121, 1,400 feet east of Huffines Boulevard intersection in eastbound lane
  • SH Business 121, 900 feet west of Huffines Boulevard intersection in eastbound lane
  • FM 544, 480 feet east of Killian Middle School entrance in eastbound lane
  • West Vista Ridge Mall Drive at Highview Lane in eastbound lane
  • Valley Ridge Parkway at Valley Ridge circle in westbound lane
The specifics

A violation of the no U-turn sign could turn into a fine up to $200, according to documents. Lewisville's Public Service Department will install the new no U-turn signs. City Engineer David Salmon said orange flags will be placed on the signs as well to help drivers recognize the changes.