Lewisville continues to work with the Texas Department of Transportation to reach a solution regarding a proposed speed limit decrease for SH 121.

TxDOT recommends changing the speed limit for the segment of SH 121 Business between the Sam Rayburn Tollway and Valley Ridge Boulevard from 60 to 50 mph. The proposed change was prompted by a routine speed study conducted by TxDOT, according to city staff.

The study was not prompted by a citizen or an incident, according to Lewisville Traffic Specialist Jason Walker. The agency used 85th percentile speeds to determine the recommended speed limit.

Lewisville City Council tabled the item Jan. 23 to allow city staff time to conduct additional analysis and discuss the speed limit change with TxDOT officials.

After conducting an extensive speed study using the same methodology as TxDOT, the city's results indicated an 85th percentile speed between 61 and 68 mph, according to the Feb. 6 agenda item. City staff recommends keeping the speed limit at 60 mph.

An amendment to Section 15-35 of the Lewisville City Code is required to establish the proposed speed limit, according to the agenda item. The council decided not to take action during their Feb. 6 meeting.

“I actually think [city staff’s findings are] pretty accurate. That's what I see when I'm out there,” Council Member Kristin Green said.

Since the results significantly differ from TxDOT’s results, Lewisville’s data has been shared with TxDOT Dallas District for further discussion. All signs will be furnished and installed by TxDOT if the speed limit ultimately changes.

Lewisville’s transportation board unanimously recommended the proposed change Nov. 1. The item will go back to the board if a different speed limit is recommended.