Construction crews in Coppell have finished the Plantation Drive and Mossy Oaks reconstruction project.

The city is finalizing the contract’s closeout, Director of Public Works Kent Collins said during an Oct. 25 presentation. The project, which stretches between Coppell Road and West Bethel School Road, began construction in June 2021.

The project’s scope included the replacement of all existing pavement; the replacement of existing sidewalks; and the replacement of the water, storm water and wastewater infrastructure to improve capacity and renew the lines to match the expected life of the new pavement.

The department is working with another contractor to get pricing on painting curbs and removing some of the crossings at the uncontrolled intersections. There were crossings on Plantation Drive prior to the start of construction, but more crossings were added later at other intersections to provide more access.

Collins said the single ramp on the receiving side of Plantation Drive will be removed along with the ramp that feeds the crossing on the other side of Plantation Drive.

“Plantation [Drive] has been there for 35, 40 years without all of those crossings. We don’t believe that was a good design decision, so we’re looking at going back in and removing those,” he said.

Coppell City Council approved a $5.45 million construction contract for the project last year. Funding for the project is provided through 2020 bond proceeds.