City of Lewisville officials are looking to stop shoreline erosion at Lewisville Lake Park.

During the June 17 council meeting, a contract with Halff Associates Inc. was approved for engineering and consulting services for the Lake Park Shoreline Erosion Phase 1 work for $575,300.

Zooming in

In the past and during recent reoccurring rain and flood events, Lewisville Lake Park has experienced frequent inundation of its day-use areas, internal park roads, trails, boat ramps and swim beaches. This has rendered most of the park inaccessible and inoperable for periods of two to three months at a time during these events, according to a presentation.

City documents say the erosion is occurring more rapidly than anticipated and is a safety issue. In March, the Walleye picnic area was closed to visitors due to safety concerns.

The lake is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The primary focus of the USACE is flood damage reduction, water supply, natural resource preservation and recreation, according to city documents.

Zooming out

A master plan was developed for Lake Park in 2020 with Halff Associates to look at extensive erosion along a 2-mile stretch of the shoreline. Two of the areas deemed severe enough to threaten trails and a pavilion had emergency repairs done in August. In the winter, water access at Lake Park was closed—and remains closed—due to a drop in water levels, visitors failing to adhere to warning signs and an increase in police calls in the area that included two fatal drownings, according to city documents.

Long-term repairs will be done once the Lake Park Master Plan is approved by the USACE, according to documents. The plans call for permanent erosion control and elevated fishing piers/boardwalks rather than restoring the swim beach.

What else?

Halff, based in Fort Worth, will design permanent shoreline repairs to be considered by the USACE. The agreement would look at 3,400 linear feet of shoreline protection near the Walleye picnic area, a swim beach, boat ramp No. 2 and a courtesy dock.

The design will take 44 weeks before the the city could then solicit bids for the project. After the contract is awarded, construction would take an estimated 44 weeks. A proposed completion date is expected in summer 2027, according to city documents.