The still-under-construction Tittle McFadden Public Safety Center in Lewisville will have a permanent work of art installed prior to the opening of the building.

Lewisville City Council approved a $320,000 contract with Skyrim Studios Inc. for the creation and installation of art work during its April 15 meeting. The building will house the fire and police department.

The background

The Arts Advisory Board received 218 submissions for the project and selected artist Blessing Hancock, owner of Skyrim Studios, after interviewing three finalists.

The timeline for the Arizona-based artist now moves into a public engagement plan this summer where the public and staff will contribute words and phrases that will be part of her circular design, according to city documents.

There will be color-changing LED light fixtures to highlight the art work, according to a presentation.

The details

Council approved $350,000 for the project, with $30,000 set aside in a contingency fund. Of that $350,000, the building project funding will cover $200,000. The public art project fund will cover the remaining $150,000.