Lewisville City Council approved change orders for the Timber Creek Aerial Sewer Capital Project, a project that spans the western part of the city limits.

During council's April 1 meeting, three changes were approved for a project that is replacing seven aerial sanitary sewer crossings. The change order work for Belt Construction Inc. tallied $315,827 and extended the contract another 90 days, meaning the completion date has an estimate finish of July 23, according to city documents.

Council had to approve the changes since these three—and two prior change orders—resulted in a $106,338 increase to the approved $335,888 contingency amount. The total cost for the project is now $4.9 million.

The background

The project started in April 2023, but the city had to acquire an easement from Texas New Mexico Power for work under Bellaire Boulevard, doing so Jan. 23, 2024. That was needed to realign the sewer line across Bellaire Boulevard to meet the power company’s specification of two 6-foot manholes and an easement pipe. That part of the change order is $106,938, according to city documents.

The second change order was also for Bellaire Boulevard for $161,034, which was for removing and replacing an old brick manhole cover in the median, according to city documents. It was replaced with a concrete manhole cover.

The third change was removing and replacing a segment of storm sewer and stabilizing the Fox Creek bank to avoid additional creek erosion, according to city documents. This change order cost $47,855.