Renovations on a Coppell facility are one step closer to getting underway after a commission recommended approval of a necessary replat and zoning changes.

The Coppell Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval of a request during its Feb. 29 meeting, which would amend an existing planned development overlay to allow for the addition of another building with over 8,600 square feet of space in front of the Coppell Service Center. The existing service center is near the Coppell Life Safety Park located at 816 S. Coppell Road.

The overview

Planned renovations of the Coppell Service Center would allow an update to a facility built 24 years ago, according to city documents. The new 8,664-square-foot building will include office and collaboration spaces, a meeting room, a restroom and a breakroom, Senior Planner Mary Paron-Boswell said.

Per city documents, the project will cost around $12 million and also includes a remodel of the current service center, which will accommodate locker rooms, crew and traffic management facilities, and storage. There will also be an area housing sleeping quarters for crews during winter weather or emergency protocols, Paron-Boswell said.

As presented, the new building will take up space in front of the existing service center.

What’s next?

Coppell City Council is expected to hear the rezoning case during its March 28 meeting.