Coppell residents should expect to see increases in their monthly water, sewer, and trash and recycling rates starting as early as Jan. 1.

During the Dec. 12 council meeting, Coppell City Council approved increases to the city’s water and sewer rates that take effect Feb. 1, and will address ongoing increases in costs and the need for infrastructure projects. According to a city news release, a 3% price increase for refuse fees, which cover trash and recycling provided through Republic Services, will take effect Jan. 1.

The backstory

City Manager Mike Land said the city has not increased water and sewer rates since 2018. However, Matthew Garrett, managing director of water and wastewater practice at NewGen Strategies and Solutions, said wholesale increases from utility providers are factored into recommended increases.

According to Garrett’s presentation to council during a Nov. 14 work session, the new rate projections should help predict rates through the fiscal year 2027-28. The new changes will include creating higher tiers for high-usage customers, taking residential irrigation customers and grouping them into the residential price ranges, and raising minimum charges for residential and commercial water and sewer customers.

“If you’re going to use water at a higher tier, you’re going to pay more for the water,” Land said. “If you want to use this water, whether you’re residential or commercial, you’re going to help pay for this additional cost.”

The details

The average residential customer using 14,000 gallons of water per month can expect a $4.61 increase in their bill with the new rate, while peak use of 20,000 gallons per month will result in a $5.19 increase on monthly bills. Commercial customers, who on average consume 65,000 gallons per month, will pay $55 more on each bill with the new rates.

New refuse fees for residential customers will increase bills to $19.33 per month, compared to $18.77, plus an additional $1.60 in sales tax and a 10-cent public education fee. For customers with a senior discount, the new monthly cost will be $17.39 per month, compared to $16.89, plus an extra $1.44 in sales tax and the 10-cent public education fee.

Commercial customer pricing was not release by the city, but will be subject to the base 3% increase. The water, sewer and refuse fee additions are in addition to a stormwater fee increase that took effect Oct. 1.