Both residential and commercial utility customers in Coppell will notice an increase in their stormwater charges beginning Oct. 1.

The rate increase is the final part of a scheduled tiered rate model that has increased rates since 2020, according to a city news release. The tiered increase over three years was adopted to help the city upgrade and maintain its stormwater system.

What you need to know

Residential accounts monthly charge will increase by $1 to $5 starting with bills next month. Commercial accounts may see a varying increase to new bills that range between $10 and $1,500 each month.

Commercial property stormwater bills are based on the square footage of nonporous surfaces, such as driveways and parking lots, per the news release.

Changes to the stormwater costs are based off of drainage charges that are contained within the city’s master fee schedule. All owners of developed properties in Coppell are assessed the stormwater fee, which was established in 2004.