In addition to the $1.23 billion district-improvement bond, Lewisville ISD voters will consider a voter-approval tax rate election, or VATRE, for the Nov. 7 election that could generate an additional $37.5 million in annual funding for the district.

There are seven total propositions, including the VATRE. If all propositions are approved, the district's total tax rate will be reduced to $1.13 per $100 valuation—$0.106 cents lower than last year's.

"Without access to additional revenue, [LISD] faces a $48 million deficit budget that would impact student instruction and program opportunities," Superintendent Lori Rapp said in an email.

Two-minute impact

The majority of the 2017 bond projects—about $737 million worth of projects—have been completed, Rapp said, and the funds from the upcoming bond will be put to use immediately if approved by voters.

The propositions are:
  • The VATRE, listed as Proposition A, will provide funds for competitive staff pay, and maintain instructional and extracurricular programs.
  • Proposition B, which includes maintenance, repairs and renovations to campuses and facilities, including safety and security equipment and technology, replacement of the transportation center, and the purchase of school buses
  • Proposition C, which includes updates and purchases of instructional technology equipment
  • Proposition D, which addresses maintenance, repairs and renovations at athletics facilities
  • Proposition E , which addresses maintenance, repairs and renovations at the Eastside Aquatic Center and Westside Aquatic Center
  • Proposition F, which focuses on maintenance, repairs and renovations to stadiums at the district’s five high schools
  • Proposition G, which will provide funds for a 100-yard indoor multipurpose facility at each LISD high school
Current situation

The VATRE triggered when the Lewisville ISD board adopted a tax rate greater than the calculated rate set by state law during the most recent legislative session.

The revenue generated would be used to sustain competitive pay for staff and maintain extracurricular opportunities and programs of choice, such as career and technical education classes; science, technology, engineering and mathematics instruction; world languages; leadership classes; fine arts; and athletics.

The shortfall the district faces if the VATRE does not pass will affect teacher compensation and facility upgrades, among other district needs, officials said.

“The district has already undertaken cost-cutting measures to help close the deficit as it asks voters to consider additional funding through the VATRE,” Rapp said.

The impact

More than 88% of the propositions are dedicated to maintaining the facilities and technology over the district's 127 square miles, LISD President Jenny Proznik said in an email. For instance, Proposition B, which would proved the largest amount of funds, would help the district acquire security equipment and school buses.

"As board members, we aim to act in the best interests of the district and be stewards of taxpayer dollars," Proznik said.

Diving in deeper

Four of the bond’s six propositions aim to address the athletic department’s needs, totaling nearly $200 million.

The bond proposes adding new indoor multipurpose facilities at three high schools and expanding the existing facilities at two high schools. Athletic facilities would also receive 20-year life cycle maintenance and repairs. Select programs at three high schools could receive new locker rooms.

LISD’s athletic programs have grown exponentially over the past 20 years, Athletic Director Cristie Liles said in an email. The district serves more than 38,000 students through fine arts and athletics programs.

“The projects in this proposal will give students an extended opportunity to have the ability to reach higher goals, work hard to achieve those goals, and then celebrate their effort and perseverance,” she said. “When students are given a chance to achieve—whether it is on the field, in the arena or in the classroom—that is exciting.”

Many of the facilities serve different purposes. For example, the aquatic centers are not only home to LISD’s high school swim, dive and water polo teams, but are also open to the community for swimming lessons, birthday parties and club sports.

“These facilities are in constant use by the community and LISD, and are a source of revenue for the district,” Liles said.

Planned athletic upgrades include:
  • Football stadiums at all LISD high schools
  • Natatorium at Eastside and Westside Aquatic Centers
  • Indoor Multipurpose Athletic Centers at all LISD high schools
  • Locker rooms, field houses, tennis courts and concession areas at all LISD schools
What's next

Residents who are registered to vote have until Nov. 3 to vote early for the proposed Lewisville ISD bond and VATRE. Election Day is Nov. 7.
  • Oct. 23: First day of early voting
  • Oct. 27: Last day to apply for ballot by mail (received, not postmarked)
  • Nov. 3: Last day of early voting
  • Nov. 7: Election Day and the last day to receive ballot by mail
Residents within Lewisville ISD can vote on the bond and the VATRE at the Denton County Elections Administration building, located at 701 Kimberly Drive, Room A111, Denton. Additional voting information can be found at and