The Coppell ISD board of trustees approved a facilities evaluation tool at a June 10 workshop that could set the stage for possible building consolidations and school closures in the coming years.

The goal of the tool is to determine facility, building and land use efficiency amid declining enrollment and budget concerns, Chief Communications Officer Angela Brown said when presenting the tool to the Coppell ISD board May 20.

The details

The way the process will work is an evaluation team will use the tool to gather data on CISD facilities and properties, then draft apropos recommendations. The team will then run the recommendation through the decision filter, adjusting as needed before presenting to the board of trustees, Brown said.

The decision filter is another set of considerations that are important to address, Brown said. These considerations analyze the impact of the recommendations on students, staff and the district’s culture, she said.

“The decision matrix is about taking each recommendation and having thoughtful conversation through the lens of each consideration,” Brown said.

Also of note

One factor that is particularly important for the district is the family retention, Brown said. District officials want to ensure any decisions don’t drive families to other districts or create a school void that could further drive enrollment loss due to proximity.

“If we remove a school from one location, are we naturally pushing families to a charter or private school because of location,” she said.

Going forward

Now that the tool has been approved, the administration will coordinate an evaluation team to gather the data and begin the process, and is expected to present its findings and recommended action plan Sept. 9, Brown said.