Coppell ISD is deep in the bidding process for several projects outlined in the 2023 bond package that are scheduled for development over the 2024-25 school year.

Bond Project Manager Sid Grant presented updates Jan. 8 to the bond oversight committee, a group of 19 community members as well as board trustees Jobby Matthew and Anthony Hill.

The details

District officials approved an engineering firm for the projects in November and have been taking additional steps forward in both new construction and renovations contained in the $321 million bond. The bond package includes projects planned through 2027.

Remodels at Mockingbird Elementary and Wilson Elementary were bid in January and are scheduled to appear before the board for consideration at the Feb. 26 meeting, according to the presentation. Both projects are estimated to be complete this July.

Remodels will look similar across both campuses and will contain both interior and exterior renovations. Some specifics include:
  • Weatherproof building exteriors
  • Flooring, wall coverings and lighting improvements
  • New energy management system
  • Fire alarm system replacement
  • Updated classroom and office furnishings
  • Sidewalks, ramps and fencing improvements
  • New playgrounds and shade structures
  • Art room kiln
Along with the renovations, the project details sweeping furniture replacements for the schools’ offices, conference rooms and libraries.

More details

Construction of a new fine arts building at Coppell High School and the expansion of its tennis center have been in the bidding phase through February, according to district documents. When bidding concludes, officials will bring the projects to the board of trustees for consideration in March. The fine arts building will feature dressing rooms for band, choir, and dancing and cheerleading as well as a dance and cheer gymnasium that will double as a storm shelter.

The tennis center will see a renovation with a new ticket booth at the entrance, extra storage, and team rooms for boys and girls teams with 120 total lockers. The design is around 7,000 square feet.

Additionally, district officials began the bidding process for the expansion and renovation project at Valley Ranch Elementary School in February, which is also slated for board consideration in March, according to documents.

The school will receive a slew of interior and exterior renovations from new roofing, flooring and lighting to new learning, teaching and collaboration spaces as well as updated classroom furnishings. New playgrounds with shade structures are also planned as well as a prekindergarten addition that will create space for four classrooms.

All three projects are scheduled to be complete in 2025, according to documents.


Throughout the bond project process, the district has experienced unprecedented construction-related inflation, labor and material shortages, and a tight construction market across the metroplex and the state, according to the presentation.

This has resulted in an increase in the initial cost estimation for several projects, such as the Coppell High School fine arts center. However, Grant’s presentation provided two mitigation tactics to address the issue—either using $24 million in contingency dollars included in the bond package or dipping into savings from 2016 and 2023 bond projects and interest income.

The bond oversight committee will meet again April 29 to discuss progress.