Coppell ISD's Strategic Planning Committee is working on the Coppell 2030 plan, which is expected to help navigate the future of the district.

Committee members, which include Coppell ISD staff, students, teachers, community representatives and parents of CISD students held a strategic planning retreat in October.

According to the district website, a formal plan expected to be shared with the board of trustees in either February or March.

What’s happening?

Community stakeholders identified their priorities and those were shared with the committee, which will be looked at by action teams. Work will span from this fall through winter before another planning retreat on Feb. 1, according to the district. A total of 65 people took part in the meeting.

The initial strategic design plan was formed in 2017, Chief Communications Officer Angela Brown told the board of trustees during the Oct. 23 meeting.

A closer look

Brown noted there will be 16 different action teams planned and CISD will need up to 160 people to fill those positions, with the goal to have eight 10 members per team. She said the goal is to have as many "unique voices" as possible. The goal is to have 160 new people that are not part of the existing committee, Brown said.

The groups, like the committee, will be a mix of students, parents, staff and community members.

“We got a lot done and now the heavy lifting is coming and we'll be bringing it back to you in February or March,” Brown said.

What else?

The Coppell 2030 Strategic Plan is based on the seven community-based accountability system pillars. Those include:
  • Student learning and progress
  • Professional learning and quality staff
  • Engaged, well-rounded students
  • Safety and well-being
  • Fiscal and operational systems
  • Community engagement and partnerships
  • Student readiness