Prior to opening Kebab Uncle in October 2019, business owner Qais Ahmad said he was unsure if he had what it took to go from backyard griller to restaurateur.

“These are my mom’s recipes we used,” Ahmad said. “We cooked for our friends for parties, and they loved it.”

He said his wife, Rubeena Khan, said the recipes were great, and they should take it to a commercial level. Ahmad said he did not put much stock in his friends’ reviews and countered they would never disqualify the food because they wanted to keep being invited to parties. He said eventually friends asked him to bring his grill to a community cricket match and cook for the team members and spectators. He did not charge for his service, but the organizers charged attendees for the meals as a fundraiser for the teams. “They sold the food, and for the first time I noticed people were really loving it, and now this time it’s different; people paid for the food and loved the food,” Ahmad said.

The kebabs are available in beef or chicken. In addition, the eatery serves grilled beef and chicken on rice platters, as a salad or in a wrap. The meat is halal.

Ahmad said seasoning is a priority. He said his mom, Dilshad Begum, taught proper seasoning techniques.

“If you have a menu of five items, those items should have their own taste,” he said. “She gave us this education on how to flavor with spices diligently.”

Ahmad said his repeat customer base is strong, and they are in the final stages of finalizing a second location in Plano.

Staying true to his roots, Ahmad said most of the menu items are grilled on a charcoal grill in the restaurant kitchen.

“This is how my mom would do it,” he said. “We used to have very delicious food in our home cooked by my mom in Pakistan. Our food was a favorite in our neighborhood.” The chicken skewer kebab ($10.99) is made from ground chicken and spices. It is served with lettuce, rice and a white mint sauce.

Kebab Uncle

612 E. Sandy Lake Road, Ste. 120, Coppell


Hours: Thu.-Sun. noon-9 p.m. Mon.-Wed. Closed