More development is anticipated for Old Town Lewisville after Lewisville City Council approved a pair of zone change requests July 17.

The details

Two adjoining single-family residential properties were rezoned to Old Town Mixed-Use Two during council’s meeting.

The properties are located at 177 W. Purnell St. and 170 Edwards St.

The applicant does not have immediate plans to develop the properties, but anticipates a small mixed-use project at Purnell Street and a small residential project on Edwards Street, according to the agenda items.

The background

A single-family home previously existed at both lots. The home on Edwards Street was demolished in 2017 while the home on Purnell Street was demolished in 2008.

The Old Town Mixed-Use 2 zoning district is intended to accommodate a wide range of medium and higher density residential infill development and retail, office and service uses, according to the agenda item.

While revitalization efforts in Old Town Lewisville have been ongoing for nearly 25 years, the area has seen a boom in recent activity with several projects slated to open over the next few years.