The Main Street Old Town project in Coppell will move forward after surviving a new zone change request.

The project includes the construction of six new mixed-use buildings and a parking lot at the southwest corner of West Bethel Road and Main Street, according to the April 11 agenda item. The development necessitates removal of the existing buildings at the site, which included the former Coppell Baptist Church. The buildings are noted in the Historic Resource Survey but are not listed on the state or federal registries for historic buildings.

How we got here: Site plans for the project were denied 3-4 at council’s Dec. 13 meeting. Three of the proposed lots were to be mixed-use office and residential, two for mixed-use retail and residential, one retail building, and one parking lot, according to the Dec. 13 agenda item.

What’s different: The main change from the previous submittal is the proposed uses for the buildings, with restaurant uses being added to four buildings and the addition of medical office and retail to one of the buildings, according to the April 11 agenda item.

Those in favor said: During the public hearing, many residents in favor said the project aligns with the Old Coppell Plan and will bring momentum and foot traffic to the area. Council Member Don Carroll said the development is consistent with what’s already in Old Town Coppell.

“Developers over time have created an environment that has brought more activity down there," Carroll said. "This would be a continuation of that type of development."

Those opposed said: Residents in opposition echoed sentiments from December’s public hearing. They cited a desire to save the church and other buildings from demolition because of its historical significance and the need to preserve Old Town Coppell’s character. Council Member Brianna Hinojosa-Smith expressed concerns about density.

“My big issue last time was density and continues to still be a concern for me," Hinojosa-Smith said. "I would be in favor of five mixed-use buildings in that area instead of six."

The final verdict: The zone change request was approved after a 4-3 vote, with Council Members John Jun, Biju Mathew and Hinojosa-Smith voting against.

What’s next: Council went on to approve a demolition permit for the buildings located at 509 W. Bethel Road with a 4-3 vote. Developer Chris Collins said he would be willing to repurpose elements from the existing buildings into the new buildings and is open to other suggestions. He said he does not intend to demolish the church, and an agreement was made prior to the meeting to take the front portion of the church and move it onto a private property in Old Town at Collins’s expense, Collins said.