Several items will be top of mind for Lewisville City Council this year.

Council gave direction on various workshop items and set priorities for the upcoming year during its March retreat. The items are meant to serve as a guide for staff when determining future budget needs and timing of projects, according to council’s March 20 agenda item.

Here is a brief overview of the nine priority items approved by council:

Affordable housing
  • Lewisville’s goal is to take steps to encourage and facilitate affordable housing development, including the continued use of the public facility corporation, public-private partnerships, creating preapproved designs for backyard cottages, and other tools that will help develop and redevelop affordable housing stock.
City infrastructure and facilities
  • The maintenance of existing infrastructure will continue to be prioritized. Several facilities will be renovated or built, including the Tittle McFadden Public Safety Center. Lewisville is facilitating the work of the Blue Ribbon Committee and working toward a bond election in May 2024.
Goal for 10-minute walk to a park
  • Lewisville will pursue its goal of providing park access within a 10-minute walk of all residents. This includes implementation of the recently adopted healthy infrastructure plan.
Employee recruitment, development and retention
  • Lewisville will prioritize recruitment for all vacancies, offer fair and competitive compensation and benefits, continually educate employees on available benefits and how to access them, provide ample training opportunities, recognize and reward excellence, and create a positive work environment.
Justice, equity, diversity and inclusion
  • This entails the advancement of internal goals related to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion for hiring as well as retention. Lewisville aims to embody positive equity practices and connect with the community. This will include a continued focus on communication programs reaching underserved populations.
Old Town development
  • Development and revitalization will continue to be prioritized. Goals include expanded residential ownership, a brewery, an expansion of the existing distillery and a small grocer. Park developments include a pocket park along Mill Street and the conversion of Old Town Aquatic Park into a splash park.
Business 121 corridor planning
  • Lewisville will develop a plan for the revitalization of the Business 121 corridor from the Convergence Park office complex in the south to Sam Rayburn Tollway in the east with the goal of creating an attractive, welcoming and safe environment for residents, businesses, visitors and commuters.
Mall redevelopment
  • The city will facilitate discussions between property owners and potential developers interested in the redevelopment of property. A master plan design for the mall area includes a unified mixed-use project that will provide new housing, business, entertainment, leisure and open space opportunities for current and future residents.
The Lake District/Northern Gateway
  • Development will continue. This will include entering into an agreement with a master developer for the lake redevelopment project and working with that developer and the Army Corp of Engineers to develop a master plan for the area around the lake.