The pond at Thweatt Park is set for reconstruction after Coppell City Council approved a $414,041.62 contract.

The park beautification project includes the installation of a new clay pond liner to help the pond properly retain water. The installation of the underground storm drain system will also significantly reduce the potential for future erosion, according to the Feb. 28 agenda item. The fountain will be replaced with a separate contract.

Efforts to refurbish the pond have been ongoing for three years. In 2020, a scope of work was prepared to refurbish the pond because the clay liner in the pond was leaking. City staff went on to discover that more work was needed and determined the project could not be completed for the originally bid amount of $167,500.

During the design process the following year, it was determined that previously eroded areas could be regained through the installation of an underground storm drain system that would discharge water from the pond to the creek. The drainage system was added to the original scope of dredging the pond and replacing its liner.

Funding for the project is available through Coppell Recreation and Development Corp. and Drainage Utility District funds. CRDC funds will cover $250,000 of the project, and the remaining $164,041.62 will come from DUD funds.