Bushi Ban DFW owners have just one more hurdle before opening to the public in Lewisville, co-owner Kailer Mattingly said.

Everything from mats to scheduling is in place, all that needs to be done are two last inspections before the city will grant a certificate of occupancy and the school can open, Mattingly said.

The school teaches a blend of martial arts for children, teens and adults, but specializes in youth classes, he said. The children’s program combines elements from karate, judo, wrestling and tumbling while teen and adult classes add kung fu, kickboxing, muay thai and jiu-jitsu.

The details

The studio is currently “soft enrolling students” to get people into the system. Patrons wishing to enroll can do so for $20 which pays for a uniform and 30 days of training once the school opens, he said. While there aren’t many steps left before opening, Mattingly said it is difficult to pinpoint an exact date.

While this is their first foray into their own business, Mattingly said he and his brother are optimistic about the area and feel the business will do well being so close to Lewisville High School and with nearby fitness centers.

“If they want to become the best version of themselves that they can be, they know where to find us,” Mattingly said.