The Carlson Gracie Carrollton jiujitsu team is moving its gym to The Realm at Castle Hills, according to company staff.

Carlson Gracie Carrollton is a martial arts gym that teaches Brazilian jiujitsu classes for sport, fitness and self-defense. The gym has operated along Trinity Square Drive in Carrollton since 2022 but announced last fall that it would be relocating to Lewisville, according to the company’s social media.

The gym’s programs range from fundamental to advanced. In addition to martial arts instruction, fitness classes, private training, kids classes and a women's self-defense class are also offered. The gym teaches both gi and no-gi jiujitsu, according to the company’s website. A gi is the traditional cloth garb worn by Brazilian jiujitsu practitioners, and usually features pants and a jacket tied closed with a colored belt indicating rank. In no-gi jiujitsu, practitioners wear basic athletic clothing.

The gym is named after and traces its lineage to Carlson Gracie, who was a renowned martial artist and nephew to one of the founders of Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, according to the company’s website.