Jessie Nair, owner of Homewatch Caregivers of Lewisville, wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.

The agency provides nonmedical care for patients in their own homes by assisting with activities of daily living, or ADLs, Nair said. These services include cooking, grooming, bathing, transportation, medication reminders, housekeeping and companionship, among others.

The backstory

After a career as an attorney, Nair became disenchanted with the profession and was in search of something more fulfilling. Through research she discovered a growing need for home care services, particularly for seniors in Dallas-Fort Worth. By 2022, Nair seized a franchising opportunity, relocated from Washington, D.C., and opened Homewatch Caregivers in Lewisville.

“I definitely find it more rewarding," she said. "I think the impact on the community is vital and necessary.”

The details

Offering in-home care is an important distinction between assisted living facilities and a crucial component in the field, Nair said. Many patients have been living in the same home for decades, and they do not want to be bereft of their memories to receive care, which can sometimes lead to them foregoing it altogether. It can also allow patients to maintain a level of independence, Nair said.

“Fostering independence, maintaining independence is hugely important to our clients and is the basis for having a caregiver,” she said.

Companionship is also at times an overlooked aspect in caregiving and even if it's not the sole reason a patient would receive services, it serves as a core backdrop to caregiving. Many clients live completely alone, and the relationship with their caregiver is sometimes the only social interaction they are exposed to, Nair said.

Loneliness can speed up mortality, but people often don’t give it much credence, she said. When the focus is physical health, smiling, happiness and social engagement fade out in importance, which can have negative effects.

“If you live by yourself and you don’t have a conversation with someone for days, that does impact everything from your mental to your emotional to eventually your physical health as well,” she said.

The impact

Homewatch Caregivers also strives to give back to the Lewisville community through volunteer work, especially with veterans programs, Nair said. She plans to volunteer at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Lewisville post’s Christmas luncheon and is also a member of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 920, for which her agency will continue to sponsor events.

Overall, Nair said she hopes to provide her clients happiness, and help protect and reinforce their physical, emotional and mental health. Additionally, the goal is to alleviate the weight of caregiving to allow family members to return to being family members, while providing comfort and independence for the patient and a sense of normalcy for the family as a whole.

“I want the community to recognize that there are services available to them," she said. "I don’t want them to be embarrassed to ask for help, and I want to be able to have our team provide that help."