Take a look back at these nine restaurants in Lake Highlands and Lakewood that were featured in Community Impact in 2023.

1. JG's Old Fashioned Hamburgers stands the test of time

When Morris and Susanne Bagheri bought JG’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers in 1985, they did not intend on still being the owners 37 years later. Susanne said the original owner, John Green, opened the restaurant with no restaurant experience, and after six months of being a restaurateur, he was overwhelmed and ready to sell.

2. Neighborhood eatery Leila Bakery and Café in Lakewood is known for its flaky pastries

Kelly Ball said she surprised herself when she first jumped at the chance to become an entrepreneur. She credits finding an affinity for baking pastries while working at a coffee shop and meeting a new, eclectic friend group as being key ingredients to her new career path.

3. ‘Upscale dive bar’ Lakewood Landing serves cocktails, comfort to East Dallas community

For Bill Rossell, owning a bar has been a lifelong dream. Twenty-five years into owning Lakewood Landing, an “upscale dive bar” in East Dallas, he said he could not be prouder of the community he has cultivated with his business.

4. 'Food has no borders' at northern Chinese restaurant Hello Dumpling

June Chow never wanted or planned to own a restaurant. But when the reality of having to put two children through college approached, she fell back on what she knew: running a restaurant. Now, Chow owns Hello Dumpling, a Chinese restaurant specializing in dumplings, noodles and boba tea.

5. Big Mama’s Chicken and Waffles offers Lake Highlands residents more than just fried chicken

To the average person, the little restaurant at the corner of Forest Lane and Audelia Road may not seem like much. But the store has become rooted in the community as a symbol of not only good fried chicken, but also opportunity and family.

6. White Rock Granola pairs snacks with sustainability in Dallas

After buying White Rock Granola in 2020, Andrea Ridout saw the opportunity to do more than sell a crunchy breakfast option to people living in northeast Dallas. She wanted to expand the brand's impact nationally and environmentally.

7. Parlor’s Handcrafted Ice Creams serves farm-to-scoop treats

As young Dallas professionals, Kellie and Brandon Stoll said they struggled to find a local dessert restaurant to their liking. Kellie said she and Brandon had local ice cream parlors in their hometowns and questioned why they couldn’t find something similar in Dallas. The husband-and-wife team decided to change that by selling homemade ice cream at farmers markets beginning in fall 2019.

8. Garden Cafe offers small-town diner feel in Lakewood

Mark Wootten, general manager of the Garden Cafe in Dallas, said gardening is a big part of his family’s culture and inspired the restaurant when his father opened it.

9. Haystack Burgers & Barley owners continue family cooking tradition in Lakewood

A family history in the restaurant business led Kevin and Jenny Galvan to open Haystack Burgers & Barley. The husband and wife opened their first location in 2013 in Richardson, and since then, the Gavlans have opened four additional locations, including one in Lakewood.