After buying White Rock Granola in 2020, Andrea Ridout saw the opportunity to do more than sell a crunchy breakfast option to people living in northeast Dallas. She wanted to expand the brand's impact nationally and environmentally.

As a sustainability-focused person, Ridout said she tries to “do her part” in seeking out green solutions even as she’s looking to grow her business.

“It’s the responsibility of every human being to do everything we can to clean up this planet,” Ridout said. “I’m tired of being part of the problem, and I want to be part of the solution.”

White Rock Granola, which operates out of northeast Dallas but ships across the country, sells seven flavors of granola in retail stores across North Texas. The granola is made from "wholesome" ingredients like rolled oats, sweet maple syrup, brown sugar, honey or agave, nuts, zested or dried fruit, and vegan chocolate chips. Ridout said it's known for its flaky texture in addition to its healthy ingredients.

Before buying White Rock Granola, Ridout co-founded Rooster Home & Hardware, a Lake Highlands hardware store that sells local products, which she sold to new ownership in 2017. Ridout had already been familiar with White Rock Granola because she sold the company’s products at Rooster, she said.

Ridout said she met Renee Latour, White Rock Granola’s former owner, at one of the last Dallas Farmers Market events in March 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily shut the market down. Latour wanted to retire, so Ridout bought her company later that year.

Under Latour’s ownership, White Rock Granola mainly sold goods at the Dallas Farmers Market and a small handful of retailers, Ridout said.

“I said, ‘Look, I think we can take this and make it a national brand,’” Ridout said. “I thought within six months, we’d be national, but it’s taken a lot longer.”

In addition to pandemic-related delays, Ridout said her brand’s rise to national fame moved slowly because of her commitment to lowering its environmental impacts. One of her top priorities has been shifting product packaging to biodegradable materials. As of June, she was finally in the process of rolling out the new packaging at all her retailers.

In the name of sustainability, Ridout said she uses biodegradable parchment paper for baking her granola, and all her packing boxes are recycled. She also partners with Turn Compost, a local waste management and composting company. And when making deliveries, her employees mainly drive Toyota’s hybrid Priuses to reduce their carbon footprint.

Although Ridout’s plan to operate nationally is still a work in progress, White Rock Granola partners with about 100 retailers, including Central Market and local companies Goodfriend and Jimmy's Food store. Now that she has been able to ride out the pandemic, she’s looking forward to expanding her reach even further.

Business information


White Rock Granola operates largely as an online business, with goods sold in a variety of local stores. To find a location nearest to you, visit the company’s website.

Granola guide

Owner Andrea Ridout said some of her granola flavors pair perfectly with specific foods. Here are her recommendations for optimal flavor.
  • Chocolate Granola: Made with cocoa powder, almonds and agave nectar, this granola pairs “perfectly” with milk for a chocolate milk flavor.
  • C4 Explosion Granola: Loaded with cinnamon, cashews, cranberries and a touch of cayenne pepper, this granola pairs well with vanilla yogurt to bring out the cayenne kick.
  • Oh Snap! Granola: Including maple syrup, crunchy pumpkin seeds and seasonal spices, Oh Snap! is a “great” add-in for baked goods like banana nut muffins.
  • Gorilla a Go Go Granola: Packed with honey, pumpkin seeds and cranberries, this granola can be used in salads and smoothies.