A new program intended to aid low-income households in Dallas will seek to train adults and financially support them through the process.

Workforce Dallas is a new initiative in partnership with a number of area employers, nonprofits and schools, according to the project’s website. The ideal candidate for “upskilling” was described as an adult struggling to make ends meet by working multiple jobs.

Inequity in pay and lack of career advancement opportunities are driving factors for Workforce Dallas. According to the website, 60% of jobs in Dallas pay less than $32,000.

“So many families in our city are essentially trapped,” Mayor Eric Johnson said in a promotional video. “The primary earners in their households are trapped in jobs that really don’t have much of a future in terms of increased earning potential.”

A November 2021 report on the city’s workforce was commissioned by Johnson and produced by consulting firm Cicero Group.

The report indicated that working-age adults make up over 35% of Dallas, and 40% of households in the city are low-income. According to the report, the greatest disparities are among Black, Hispanic and female-led households.

Cicero Group recommended the appointment of an individual to oversee workforce development. In January, Johnson announced Lynn McBee would serve as the city’s workforce czar. McBee is spearheading efforts of Workforce Dallas, according to the video.

Those seeking more information on the new program can reach out via online form here.