Editor's Note: This story has been updated to reflect that the city of Roanoke has not yet approved the agreement.

The city of Fort Worth at a Feb. 23 Council Meeting approved a mutual-aid agreement between the Fort Worth Fire Department and the fire department for the city of Roanoke. The city of Roanoke has yet to approve the agreement. Roanoke City Council will likely consider the agreement at a meeting in March, City Manager Scott Campbell said by email.

According to city of Fort Worth documents, if approved by both cities, the mutual-aid agreement allows the involved departments to assist in emergency response efforts at major incidents or provide assistance and resources for incidents located in close proximity to a department's jurisdiction.

"Fort Worth's response will be limited to assistance within Roanoke city limits and may include response on an as-needed basis to working structure fires, emergency medical incidents, grass fire incidents, and certain hazardous material or technical rescue situations," the agreement says.

In addition, response from Roanoke Fire Department personnel could include structure fires, emergency medical incidents and grass fires on an "as-needed" basis. Possible response from both cities will depend on the availability of proper equipment and personnel, according to the agreement.

"Both cities agree to reimburse each other for actual costs other than ordinary operating costs incurred ... except that both cities shall be responsible for all costs associated with their own equipment, including damage and breakage," the agreement says.