Interior designer Lindsey Murillo, a Keller resident and owner of Lindsey Murillo Interiors, explained recent trends and what to keep in mind when starting a project.

What are some recent trends within interior design?

I have to say that one of the biggest design trends I am noticing right now is customization. People are being inspired by unique designs, and it’s because of all the custom details. ... [Also] adding to this design trend is sourcing locally and from fine artisans.

What is your top tip for someone looking to embark on a renovation?

My No. 1 recommendation for people starting a renovation is simple: have your “A Team” picked out before you begin. A great contractor and a fabulous designer will make this grueling and overwhelming process run smoothly and effortless. ... If you are not using a designer, get organized with a spreadsheet. A place that has all the specs of every single item going into your renovation so you can easily refer back to it when needed.

What is your best design tip?

My No. 1 design tip is design with yourself in mind. Forget what is trending and what is not. ... You should absolutely love the home you live in, and luxury is something attainable for every person.

How has the pandemic affected design choices—especially as a result of remote working?

Creating an optimal work space for your needs is crucial. Adding in elements of nature are also helpful as it has been proven to increase happy hormones. ... Families were spending more time together than ever before and ... as a result, the demands we were and still are seeing in the design industry are for spaces that house the whole family. Spaces that feel cozy and welcoming. Spaces that are perfect for movie night and small dinner parties at home.