Fort Worth officials are asking residents to help shape the future of the city by participating in the 2050 Comprehensive Plan.

The backstory

Cities typically create and then use comprehensive plans for making decisions about growth and development.

According to the International City/County Management Association, a comprehensive plan is a summary of the goals, objectives, policies, strategies, programs and projects that will enable the city to achieve several objectives, including:
  • Focusing on the future
  • Working together to build strong neighborhoods
  • Developing a sound economy
  • Providing a safe community
According to a city of Fort Worth news release, the Texas Local Government Code establishes the legal basis for the comprehensive plan. The plan should “facilitate the movement of people and goods, and the health, safety and general welfare for the citizens of the city.”

The details

Texas Local Government Code also stipulates that, if adopted, a comprehensive plan must be used as the basis of subsequent zoning amendments. The news release states that zoning is a regulatory tool that officials use to stipulate land use inside a city’s limits based on parameters such as:
  • Building height
  • Parking requirements
  • Landscape standards
Zoning requirements also help city officials develop the future land use map. According to the news release, these maps are part of the comprehensive plan and help determine appropriate locations for future uses, including:
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Social/recreational activities
  • Protection of natural areas
The news release states that there are currently 17 land use designations and three growth center types in Fort Worth that will help officials and residents shape the 2050 Comprehensive Plan.

What you need to know

The news release states that community engagement with regard to the 2050 Comprehensive Plan will begin in early 2024, with both online and in-person participation opportunities.

Residents can sign up to receive emails about the process by clicking here and then clicking on the “contact form” link. The news release states that officials are also seeking ideas and will answer questions from the community through emails at [email protected].