In an effort to fund programs that help mitigate flooding, Fort Worth council members approved a 15% increase to the stormwater fee on Fort Worth residents’ utility bills starting Jan. 1.

The details

Due to previous flooding events, a city news release states that large-scale flood risk reduction improvements and drainage system maintenance were needed.

According to the news release, a flooding event in August 2022 caused the following incidents:
  • 52 flooded structures
  • 22 high-water rescues
  • 237 flooded vehicles
  • 58 overtopped road locations
Diving in deeper

With the 15% stormwater fee increase, typical annual stormwater fees will look like the following in 2024, according to the news release:
  • $79.35 for the the average single-family home
  • $1,329.40 for a small business, such as a gas station or retail store
  • $13,294 for a medium-sized business
The increase is expected to bring in approximately $7.7 million of additional revenue for the stormwater program in 2024, the news release states. That money will be used to provide additional maintenance and flood-prevention initiatives, such as:
  • Adding a five-person team to inspect and clean culverts
  • Adding a seven-person team to inspect and clean storm drain pipes ahead of condition assessments
  • Large-scale drainage improvements
According to the news release, the city of Fort Worth has increased its stormwater fee five times since its inception in 2006. The most recent increase of 6.5% was in 2020.

The city’s 2023 rate is just above the Texas average, while the 2024 rate will make Fort Worth just below the stormwater rate of Dallas, Arlington and Austin, the news release states.