Outgoing Mayor Alicia Fleury D’Elia gave way to new Mayor Jeannette Tiffany as leadership for the town of Trophy Club changed following the May 6 election.

Town Council approved the voting numbers from Denton and Tarrant counties during the May 17 meeting, and each of the mayors spoke about what the transition means for the town.

How it happened

Fleury D’Elia initially was planning on running for a second term but removed herself from the list of candidates on the last day to file. She served as the Place 1 council member for three years and then as mayor for the past three years.

When she chose not to run, Place 1 Council Member Greg Lamont added his name on the ballot for mayor in what looked to been an uncontested race. Initially, he was set to face off against Stacy Bauer for the Place 1 position, which then became unopposed.

Tiffany staged a write-in campaign for mayor and garnered 63% of the total votes between the two counties to beat Lamont.

Tiffany was previously the Place 2 council member from 2011-14 and was the mayor pro tem the last year of her term.

What they’re saying

Fleury D’Elia—who recently got married—was given a gavel and other gifts from the council for her service to the town. There was a planned recognition of Lamont for his service on council but he was not at the meeting.

“With passion can sometimes be controversy, and you don’t shy away from either one, and I continue to have respect for you and thank you for your service,” Place 4 Council Member Karl Monger said of Fleury D'Elia.

In her speech, Fleury D’Elia said her choice to not run for a second term was bittersweet and thanked her family, friends and supporters. The airline pilot said she has lived in Trophy Club for the past 10 years, and it’s been “a pleasure serving the community” in both roles as a council member and mayor.

“I know we have made great strides and laid a solid foundation,” Fleury D’Elia said. “My hope is future mayors and councils continue this trajectory we set forth. And move forward in kindness and leave the hate behind. And with that, au revoir Trophy Club because I’m off to Paris.”

Current situation

Two of the newly elected officials were sworn in during the ceremony: Tiffany and Bauer. Place 2 Council Member Jeff Beach also ran unopposed and earned another term but was not sworn in during the meeting.

Place 3 Council Member Dennis Sheridan was named the mayor pro tem, filling in Lamont's previous role.

One of the first tasks ahead for this council is hiring a new town manager. Wade Carroll left the position to take a similar job in Westlake. Police Chief Patrick Ariata has served as the interim town manager since March 28.

In their own words

Mayor Tiffany received a standing ovation from the crowd after her swearing-in process was over, next to her husband, Jarry Tiffany.

“I see new friends, and I see old friends that walked that campaign trail,” she said. “They walked it with me, as well as others, to make this a historical election. Over 3,000 residents from every neighborhood in Trophy Club, we had new voters; we had first-time voters; we had people say, ‘What can we do? What do we want to do?’ All of that wraps up to say Trophy Club is family. I met people who care for each other and want to contribute to the health and welfare of this community.”