The city of Keller provided residents a first look at the new Senior Activities Center during a joint work session Jan. 27 between City Council and the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.

Approved by 68% of voters in Nov. 2018, the new 23,000-square-foot center will have a capacity of 800 people and will cost an estimated $9.6 million. It will replace the current 4,200-square-foot facility, built in 1990, which has a capacity of 120 people.

“The senior center is specifically targeted for seniors 55-years or older,” said Carol Rubino, president of the Keller Community Senior Fund. Citizens first petitioned the city for a new senior center in 2012, Rubino said.

According to city officials, the new center will house more than 21,000 square feet of activity, fitness, classroom and social space. The additional space will allow for senior-focused activities and events, such as crafts, billiards, bingo, workout classes and more.

“Staff will be able to provide additional activities that they could not provide before,” Rubino said, “which forced Keller seniors to go to other senior centers.”

The new center will replace the existing center at Johnson Road Park and is expected to be open in Summer 2021. Talks have also started on possible after-hour gym rental opportunities through the center, officials said.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story has been updated to correct a factual error. The city of Keller was first petitioned for a new Senior Center in 2012.