Northwest ISD board of trustees approved the fiscal year 2023-24 budget at its June 26 meeting.

Chief Financial Officer Jonathan Pastusek presented a $323 million budget, which includes a $2.9 million shortfall.

The details

According to previous Community Impact reporting, the FY 2023-24 budget includes a 3% midpoint pay raise for all staff for the 2023-24 school year.

During his presentation, Pastusek said that for every dollar of funding received, $0.90 comes from property taxes and other local sources, $0.09 comes from the state of Texas and $0.01 comes from federal funding.

Pastusek said that in terms of expenditures, for every dollar of funding received:
  • $0.58 pays for instructional curriculum, including instructional resources and curriculum
  • $0.11 pays for other operations, such as maintaining clean and safe schools
  • $0.06 pays for school leadership, which includes general campus administration
  • $0.04 pays for guidance and counseling, including social work services
  • $0.04 pays for school transportation
  • $0.03 pays for administration of the school district
  • $0.03 pays for co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  • $0.02 pays for technology and data services
  • $0.01 pays for instructional leadership
  • $0.01 pays for health services
  • $0.01 pays for other general operating costs
Diving in deeper

Pastusek added that $0.06 of every dollar of funding received goes back to the state of Texas in the form of recapture. Recapture, also known as “Robin Hood,” allows the state of Texas to remove local property tax dollars from public school districts. Legislators then use these dollars to help balance the rest of the state budget.

Quote of note

“Fifty-eight cents of every dollar goes straight into the classroom,” Pastusek said. “For every dollar we receive, about 6 cents goes back to recapture. I like to show that [our recapture payment] is about twice the administrative costs, or if you add co-curricular and administrative together, that’s about the same as our recapture [cost].”