The North Central Texas Council of Governments plans to seek grant funds for several air quality initiatives from the Environmental Protection Agency in April.

What’s happening?

The NCTCOG is eligible to receive additional funding from the EPA’s Climate Pollution Reduction Grants program after submitting its Priority Climate Action Plan in March. Any funds awarded will be used to implement measures from the plan that can reduce greenhouse gases, ozone pollution and particulate matter pollution.

The NCTCOG’s application will include funding requests for measures across several sectors listed in the improvement plan:
  • Agriculture/forestry/land use
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Waste management
  • Water/Wastewater
The details

The Regional Transportation Council approved eight transportation measures to be included in the application during a March 21 meeting. If awarded, about $122 million would be allocated to those transportation measures.

The NCTCOG plans to apply for $199 million on behalf of the region. The remaining funds would be used to support implementation across the other sectors.

The Executive Board is slated to vote on authorizing the grant application March 28. The application is due April 1, and grants are expected to be awarded in October.

The background

The NCTCOG’s Priority Climate Action Plan was submitted to the EPA on March 1. If all measures from the plan are fully implemented, the region could see carbon dioxide emissions, oxides of nitrogen and volatile organic compounds reduced by more than 1,000 metric tons each year.

North Texans can access the priority plan on the NCTCOG’s website.