Sean Donohue, CEO of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, delivered the first State of the Airport address since 2019 on Oct. 2.

Entering his 10th year in his position, Donohue reported the airport is on track for its largest passenger count ever. When a 10-year use lease agreement with American Airlines was approved, which will result in the construction of Terminal F along with remodeling and connecting terminals A and C, the airport estimated there would be 78 million travelers this year.

During his address, Donohue noted the number of travelers is above prepandemic levels and will likely eclipse 80 million in a year for the first time. On June 30, 281,339 passengers made that day the highest single-day traveler amount in the airport’s 49-year history, Donohue said.

In June, July and August, the airport set a record of 22.5 million passengers. Twice in July–21 and 30—DFW Airport had more than 270,000 passengers, according to numbers provided by the airport.

Zooming In

DFW Airport unveiled new video renderings and details about the reconstruction of terminals A and C and the forthcoming new Terminal F. Donohue noted both projects are still in the design phase, and construction for Terminal C will start in the first quarter of 2024. Terminal F will follow in the second half of 2024.

“Terminal F is kind of a green field site, so there will very little disruption,” Donohue said. “Terminal C, ... that’s going to be harder. There will be some disruptions.”

Both projects are slated to be completed by 2026, the same year the Dallas-Fort Worth area will host World Cup games.

What else?

DFW Airport hired Perryman Group to perform the first economic impact study since 2015 this year, and the results were released during the event, held at the Hyatt Regency DFW International Hotel.

Visitors spent nearly $24 billion last year—up 24.7%—while the number of jobs within the airport grew 25%, eclipsing more than 634,000. Other economic points Donohue addressed included:
  • $38 billion in direct and indirect payroll
  • $5.1 billion in annual state and local tax revenue
  • $7.1 billion in federal government tax revenue
Quote of note

“Airports are not just gateways to the world; they are gateways for our community's prosperity and progress,” Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker said. “DFW’s success as a job creator and economic engine is connecting our region to global audiences and enhancing economic opportunities for our businesses and residents alike.”