Raised curb medians are being installed to enhance safety on William D. Tate Avenue between Mustang Drive and the frontage road for Hwy. 114 in Grapevine, according to Texas Department of Transportation officials.

The project will limit vehicles from turning left out of restaurants located on the east side, near Mustang Drive. It will also limit left-hand turns from a 7-Eleven gas station to proceed north.

A TxDOT official said crash rates are reduced by 40% after raised medians are constructed, resulting in safer traffic patterns. There will still be turn lanes to reach businesses on both sides of William D. Tate Avenue as well as room for making U-turns, according to TxDOT officials. During construction the two lanes are reduced to one lane in each direction. The westbound frontage road is reduced to one turn lane, while turn lane from Mustang Drive to William D. Tate Avenue is reduced to one lane.

Timeline: summer-fall 2023

Cost: $252,804

Funding source: Texas Department of Transportation