Five roads in Colleyville are getting a facelift through an agreement with Tarrant County.

The background

Colleyville partners with the county annually to perform street maintenance work, according to city documents. Council approved the first portion of road projects April 4. This included Bluebonnet Drive, North Timberline Drive and South Timberline Drive.

Council amended its agreement with Tarrant County on May 16 to include Tinker Road and Roberts Road. Per the agreement, the city will remove excess materials from the roads before the county will place 2 inches of asphalt surface.

The projects
  • Rehabilitate and resurface Bluebonnet Drive from West Glade to Riverwalk Drive
  • Rehabilitate and resurface North Timberline Drive from Bransford Road to South Timberline Drive
  • Rehabilitate and resurface South Timberline Drive from Bransford Road to North Timberline Drive
  • Resurface Tinker Road from Pleasant Run Road to 70 feet east of Kingston Drive
  • Resurface Roberts Road from Glade Road to 175 feet south of Fox Meadows Drive
What to expect

Work on Roberts Road and Tinker Road is scheduled for June 20-30, Colleyville Assistant City Manager Adrienne Lothery said. Construction for Bluebonnet Drive, North Timberline Drive and South Timberline Drive is scheduled for this fall between September and November.

Learn more

Colleyville residents can find more information on upcoming and in-progress construction projects on the city's street maintenance and construction webpage.