Grapevine approves agreement with Dallas County for road workRoad and bridge projects within Grapevine’s boundary in Dallas County will be funded through a partnership with the county.

Grapevine City Council unanimously approved a master interlocal agreement with Dallas County for roads located inside the county at its Dec. 20 meeting. The interlocal agreement will replace an existing understanding that expired Dec. 31. The new agreement will expire Dec. 31, 2027, according to city documents.

Pending approval by the Dallas County Commissioners Court, this agreement will have the county fully or partially responsible for improvements to roads, bridges, streets and thoroughfares within Grapevine on four roadway types: A, B, C and E. Type D roadways are not eligible for the agreement.

Type A refers to roads and bridges within unincorporated portions of the county. This includes roads and subdivisions. For these projects, the city is responsible for 0% of the funding, while the county pays for 100% of the project, according to city documents.

For Type B, the projects refer to thoroughfares or bridges that have “cross-county importance,” documents stated. Grapevine will be responsible for funding, but the county may contribute up to 50% of costs through use of the county’s labor, equipment or materials.

Thoroughfares affected by state highway programs, such as curb, gutter or storm sewer projects, are defined as Type C. These projects will be funded by the city, but the county may contribute up to 50% of the costs.

Type E are streets, alleyways, roads, bridges and drainage facilities, Grapevine is fully responsible for the costs. Dallas County will supply labor, materials and equipment.