The Dallas-Fort Worth Airport’s Terminal C will be sporting new High C Gates in summer 2022 as part of a project to modernize the existing facilities into the 21st century.

The $115 million demolition and rebuilding of the terminal will accommodate five additional gates, bringing the total square footage of the terminal to 80,000 square feet.

According to airport officials, the construction of the new gates uses prefabricated modules, a unique construction method that saves time and money. This technique refers to buildings and parts being assembled off-site and then transported to construction sites to be incorporated into the site.

It is a technique usually seen in civil construction and is a first for a U.S. airport, officials for the DFW Airport said in a statement.

“This approach follows the construction industry’s efforts to adapt new methods [of] delivering permanent structures with high standards at cost-effective rates and reduced construction duration,” read the statement. “Our ultimate goal is to mitigate the impact to customers during construction and resume operations quickly—speed to operations is critical.”

New amenities will be added, and passengers will have a full view of the runway as they wait to board.

“You need a lot of space to do this; you need a lot of cooperation with everybody,” Project Manager Julie Ludeman said in a video shared online. “We’re working with the [Federal Aviation Administration], [Transportation Security Administration] because we are moving [the modules] across an active airfield.”

Overall plans for Terminal C are currently in the design phase. Terminal C is the largest hub for American Airlines, which occupies all 28 gates.