Book club, ladies night out, wine tasting and mahjong—the Grapevine Area Women’s Club has a little bit of everything.

What started out as the Greater Grapevine Newcomers’ Club in 1977 has evolved into a group of more than 100 women from all over the Grapevine area. Extending to include women in Keller, North Richland Hills, Flower Mound, Southlake, Wylie and other surrounding cities, the club provides social activities for women to enjoy together. It also helps forge new friendships.

“It’s meaningfully a social club,” President Kathy Holliday said. “That sounds kind of selfish when we say it, but it really is. It’s because we connect.”

The club was started to welcome new women into the Grapevine area and develop relationships with local government, the chamber of commerce, charities and all types of local businesses. With so many women joining who were not newcomers, Holliday said the group decided in June 2022 to change the name to include all women in the Grapevine area.

Beyond social events, the club supports several initiatives. The group collects toys at Christmas for the nonprofit Ronald McDonald House and other charitable organizations. Members also hold an annual walk to support ending Alzheimer’s disease. Membership dues are $25 annually.

“This group is about community,” said Kristy McPherson, Facebook chair and directory chair. “Joining this group really involves you in the community and the spirit of Grapevine and the surrounding areas.”

The group has four general meetings a year. They are held on the first Friday of March, May, September and December. Between those meetings, women have the opportunity to join several activity groups to play bridge, bunco, canasta and other games. Other social events include the book club, wine tasting and dining out at various restaurants.

Other than the general meetings, women are free to participate in whatever activities they choose. Outgoing membership chair Linda Springer said the group structure is “very loose,” and women can do the activities they are interested in.

Creating friendships is a common goal for many of the women. Springer and other members said the club changed their life.

“I’ve made a lot of dear, dear friends through this club that will be lasting friendships for the rest of my life,” Springer said.

Club groups

With groups for po-ke-no, gin rummy and Mexican train dominoes, the Grapevine Area Women’s Club offers something for everyone. Here are three activities that are a hit with club members.

Bridge: A trick-taking card game, bridge is a four-player game that has partners and is filled with trump cards, a contract and bids.

Canasta: Club members play the “samba” version of the canasta card game. Played between two to six people, the game calls for players to make as many melds—three or more cards of the same suit—as possible.

Gadabouts: Gadabouts are trips around town and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Destinations include museums, shopping and other sightseeing activities.

Grapevine Area Women’s Club meets at the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce Gary and Cynthia Blankenship Business Center, 200 E. Vine St., Grapevine.

Meeting times: first Friday of March, May, September and December at 11 a.m. The September meeting will be on the second Friday, Sept. 9, due to Labor Day.