Colleyville City Council approved $149,000 to add four new pickleball courts in City Park.

Parks and Recreation Director Lisa Escobedo said during the Feb. 2 City Council meeting that her department has received multiple requests for pickleball courts.

“We’ve even had residents present to our Parks and Recreation Advisory Board on the desire and need to have these courts here in Colleyville,” she said.

Pickleball, according to the USA Pickleball Association, is played on a badminton-size court with tennis-style nets. The sport was invented in 1965.

After one of the City Park’s sand volleyball pits was relocated by Colleyville Public Works in 2019, the City Council directed staff to replace it with pickleball courts, according to city documents. The contract was awarded to PTI Sports & Recreation Construction.

The city will be responsible for leveling the area, while PTI will construct the courts, which will involve surfacing and fence installation, according to city documents. The pickleball courts will be designed to match the park’s nearby tennis courts. According to Escobedo, construction will begin in February and is expected to wrap up in mid-April.

Funding for the project comes from the Parks Tomorrow Fund, which Escobedo said contains over a million dollars. The fund is responsible for park improvements, using revenue from a 2009 oil and gas lease agreement.