Claudia Beeny does not hide the excitement in her voice when she talks about the mission behind her nonprofit, House of Shine.

“There's so many things I could say about this,” Beeny says about her new location in downtown Grapevine, "but this space is really going to be a major contribution to the North Texas community in and of itself."

House of Shine’s programming is open to most age groups, and the curriculum teaches enrolled students how to truly leverage their strengths and talents. The nonprofit will hold grand opening events Sept. 5, Sept. 12, Sept. 19 and Sept. 26, when people will also be able to register.

“It's really built on our internal belief that everybody has the capacity to lead at some point in their life,” Beeny said. “We really believe that we're building the future leaders of the world.”

This new location will mark the first time House of Shine has occupied a physical space.

“For the first time ever, rather than going out into schools, ... we are actually being able to bring people in, which is important because as a mother of two boys ... who are going to be going to school virtually, I do want to find safe and meaningful ways for them to interact in person with peers,” Beeny said.

Beeny said the September opening pairs well with the beginning of an atypical fall semester for some of her younger prospective students.

“A lot of these enrichment experiences and opportunities that really develop young people as leaders—as citizens—are being stripped out of the curriculum, because ... schools and teachers just have to focus on the basics,” she said. “We are able to create and offer these supplemental opportunities and experiences for youth.”

The new space will allow for House of Shine students to learn about their strengths via multiple mediums.

"We will be hosting ... mentoring roundtable discussions for youth where they can sit at a table of 10 and be mentored by an entrepreneur or someone who is interested in a field of study that they’re pursuing. We will offer workshops like Strengths Finder, journaling workshops, ... all in smaller-sized groups spaced out at tables,” she said.

The new location is broken up into four major sections: a front, interactive museum; a space for workshops and other learning experiences; a community gathering area; and a space that can host field trips, birthday parties, art classes and other events.

Beeny said students' work at House of Shine can transfer into meaningful leaping-off points.

“It might be that for someone, we're hooking them up or within an organization or an experience that dovetails nicely into their talents and their interests and a way they want to make a contribution ... in the world,” she said.
House of Shine

334 S. Barton St., Grapevine