Colleyville City Council approved the fiscal year 2023-24 Colleyville Crime Control and Prevention District budget Aug. 1.

The details

Under the new budget, employees can receive enhanced health screenings through a new wellness program. The life expectancy of police officers is almost 22 years less than the civilian population, and heart disease is one of the leading killers, Colleyville Police Chief Michael C. Miller said during a budget presentation.

“Our desire is to create a program so that we can do some voluntary testing to catch some of these life-threatening yet treatable conditions before they become an issue,” he said.

The budget allocates $27,350 per year, or approximately $500 per employee, for the program.

Ongoing initiatives that will be funded through the $3.6 million CCCPD budget include:
  • $571,603: school resource officers
  • $262,650: annual vehicle replacement
  • $10,296: annual fees for license plate reader cameras
  • $10,000: annual weapons replacement
  • $10,000: annual training for de-escalation and crisis intervention
Some context

Established in 1991, the district supports crime control and prevention programs throughout the city. A half-cent of sales tax was approved to support the district for an initial period of five years, according to the city's website.

Colleyville residents voted to renew the CCCPD for another 20-year period in May.

A breakdown of the approved FY 2023-24 budget can be found here.