After spending more time at home during the pandemic, many people are changing their spaces to fit their new lifestyles. Interior designer Marlene Small of Heritage Design Studio explained what to keep in mind when starting an interior design project.

Think it through

Design clients do not always know exactly what they want, but it helps to have inspiration photos or other ways to set expectations and help your designer understand your sense of style.

Patience is key

In today’s rapidly changing market, vendors have reduced their product lines due to capacity issues. A clear plan is important, but so is patience and flexibility.

Expect the unexpected

Even if you are the first and only owner of the property, you never know what surprises will crop up during the project.

Keep stakeholders in mind

A home should work for everyone who lives there and is financially and emotionally invested in it. That increasingly includes grandparents and other extended family.

Make it work for you

Many are prioritizing functionality and durability in their homes, but they are also experimenting with color and pattern to incorporate a greater sense of brightness and positivity.

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