Southlake City Council approved a concept plan for The Canopy residential development on Jan. 7. The neighborhood would be located at 395 Shady Lane and offer space for seven new homes.

Hat Creek Development is behind the project, headed by Kosse Maykus. The lots in The Canopy will range from 43,593 square feet to 48,238 square feet, according to meeting documents.

The entrance to the neighborhood will have a retention pond on either side of the road and will use overhanging trees as a gateway feature.

City Council Member Shawn McCaskill said he liked the plan for the residential community, adding that it was the best option he had seen for that space.

The City Council approved the concept plan for the development, along with a wrought-iron fence to border a property near the residences along Shady Lane and a wooden fence to border property near a separate commercial development coming on the south side of Shady Lane. The commercial property was approved at the last Southlake City Council meeting.

Editor's note: The original post has been edited to correct an error. The approved plan for the residential community will have seven lots for homes.