As of the end of April, Medicare patients can now receive care at Methodist Southlake Hospital.

Methodist Southlake Hospital is transitioning to a wholly owned facility, which allows it to expand its services to Medicare patients.

“We welcome the Medicare patient[s] here at the hospital,” said Mika Davis, the hospital’s director of marketing and development. "The entire community can now experience a beautiful and safe hospital."

Included in its new services for Medicare patients is a special phone line.

“We do have a special Medicare phone line that Medicare patients can call because sometimes their benefits can be a little more complicated,” Davis said. “We will [also] be expanding cardiology in the future ... to support the Medicare-age patients."

Davis said the hospital is anticipating treating a higher number of patients due to this shift.

"Medicare patients’ ... cases can be higher acuity, and so they may need additional specialty services,” Davis said. “In preparation for ... more patients coming through, we have been hiring very seasoned ... ICU nurses to add to the team that we already have."

Methodist Southlake Hospital has about 180 employees and 54 beds. Davis said there is still room to grow.

"The hospital itself has three floors, and we're licensed for five [floors]. So we do have that expansion potential to build up,” she said.

The hospital has also recently announced the addition of a da Vinci Xi Surgical System. The robotic system can provide minimally invasive surgical procedures for many areas, including gynecology, urology, thoracic, cardiac and general surgery, according to the announcement.