Several changes could be in store for Grapevine’s Christmas Capital of Texas this year, based on a staff presentation.

City staff made several recommendations for changes to the Carol of Lights and drone shows to Grapevine City Council during a workshop session at its April 2 meeting.

The overview

City Manager Bruno Rumbelow said city staff have focused on improving two main events that are part of the Christmas Capital of Texas festivities: Carol of Lights and the drone shows that take place in December.

Updates to the Carol of Lights include making the area easier to navigate by preventing crowding of pedestrians along Main Street and moving programming into nearby areas. Changes for the drone shows include hosting the performances on a different night of the week and reducing the number of shows.

“At Carol of Lights last year, we had over 30,000 people,” Grapevine Event Production Manager Erin Burke said. “We want to make sure that the residents and visitors who come feel as safe as possible [and] that they have as safe a thoroughfare to walk as possible.”

The specifics

Six main changes are planned for the Carol of Lights, which is scheduled for Nov. 25, Burke said.
  • Main Street would be turned into a pedestrian area from East Northwest Highway to just north of the railroad.
  • Activities and food trucks would be relocated to nearby parking lots, adjacent side streets and Jenkins Street, which would be closed between East Northwest Highway and Franklin Street.
  • Adjustments would be made to programming on Main Street, such as adding multiple stages along the street.
  • Timed activities, such as the laser and drone shows, would be reduced, which could reduce crowding.
  • The tree lighting would be moved to the Town Square Gazebo.
  • More timed street closures, including shutting down Main Street at 6 p.m. the day before, would be implemented.
“I think the idea of ‘de-peaking’ it in terms of not only the timing but spreading it out a little bit,” council member Chris Coy said. “After what we had last year, I think a reset is probably in order, and as much as I was looking to schedule around the railroad crossing, I really love that you just hide that off altogether.”

Updates to the drone shows include holding them on two Monday nights, Dec. 2 and Dec. 9, compared to three shows that were planned in 2023. The Dec. 2 show is planned to be held on the north side of Main Street, while the Dec. 9 show will take place on the south side of the road.

“We think they were very successful last year,” Burke said. “We want to make sure that as many people can enjoy them as possible.”

What else?

Council took no action during the workshop session. City staff previously updated council about last year’s event during its Feb. 6 meeting.