A Grapevine facility appears set for several improvements after it was damaged by a tornado in late 2022.

Grapevine City Council approved a guaranteed maximum price contract—an agreement where the contractor will be responsible for any cost overages—worth over $14.8 million with Sedalco Construction Services. The total value of the project is more than $18.7 million, including other engineering services and a roof replacement, which were funded separately.

The backstory

Over half of the Grapevine Service Center’s roof received damage from a tornado. Because of the damage, several city employees were forced to relocate to other city facilities.

“In December 2022, our 30-year-old service center was struck by a tornado causing significant damage to the roof,” Director of Administration and Engineering Bryan Beck said. “What the tornado didn’t damage, the rain that followed did.”

Beck added that city staff used the damage to help reimagine the service center, which was used to formulate the updated layout of the service center.

The specifics

The approved upgrades include new additions to the facility, such as a fuel island with above-ground fuel storage, vehicle and equipment canopies, a dedicated loading dock, and a covered material storage area, Beck said.

He added that other improvements include:
  • Enhanced training rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Inclement weather bunk rooms for city work crews
  • Improved hardened space for a tornado
  • Enhanced accessibility features
“[The staff] have done an awesome job of getting anything and everything in this building that they could possibly anticipate for the next 30 years,” council member Sharron Rogers said.